February 2019


Doughnotts are an award-winning, family run business based in Nottingham who have taken the pastry industry by storm with their amazing doughnuts and honest, down to earth business approach. Disclaimer: this case study is going to make you hungry.


The Challenge

Doughnotts started life after owners Wade and Megan decided to try their hand at making doughnuts in their kitchen to fund a family holiday. It wasn’t long until the orders started to stack up and they upgraded to a market stall.

By this point, they knew they were on to something and began to build up a battle plan to continue the growth of their business. They approached the team at Grow Motion looking to harness the power of social media to get their fantastic products in front of as many people as possible.


We developed and delivered workshops to showcase the value of good content online. We encouraged the team at Doughnotts to looks beyond simple ‘vanity’ metrics such as ‘likes’ and instead take a deeper look at what kind of content encourages deeper engagement and drives action. Using previous case studies and drawing upon our expertise around trends and audiences, we demonstrated how and why topical content should be included in their online marketing activity.

Understanding analytics

To grow online, you need to understand what works well and why – as well as learning to identify content that does not resonate with your audience. Through workshops, we guided them through the maze of analytical tools and jargon and taught them where to focus their attention to help make informed decisions about their digital content.

Paid Support

After identifying Facebook and Instagram as key platforms through audience profiling, we mapped out a structured paid advertising campaign to target potential doughnut fans with relevant, engaging content designed to grow their social audience and convert clicks into customers. A mixture of competition posts to increase awareness and conversion focused tailored, targeted and product centred adverts helped to catapult Doughnotts into big players on the luxury treats scene.



The Results

We helped Doughnotts grow their social following from a modest 1,000 to an army of over 50k doughnut lovers. Their huge rise in popularity has led to them opening their very own city centre shop in Nottingham, Leicester and Derby. If you’re ever in the area and have a sweet tooth, we’d strongly recommend you go check them out!

The team at Grow Motion helped us to understand what our online objectives were and how we could use social media to our advantage to grow our business. They've been invaluable in helping us achieve our strong growth over the last year.
Wade Smith - Co-owner, Doughnotts