March 2019

Inspiring students into action

A series of slick case study videos featuring University of Westminster alumni to help inspire current students into making a change at their university.


The concept

Case studies featuring alumni are often used as a way to engage with prospective students, but rarely with current students. We work extensively in the education sector and one thing that we've learnt from talking to alumni is that if they could re-live their time at university then the one thing they'd do differently is to take up more of the opportunities made available to them whilst they where there. We took advantage of that knowledge and enlisted alumni to help inspire current students into action through their own personal stories of how their experiences helped their career progression.

Stop that scroll

Any content destined for social media needs to recognise that it has got fierce competition for attention from the latest memes and photos from mates.

To stand a chance of stopping the audience from scrolling past we needed to create a series of videos that were relevant and engaging.

We used a combination of strong visuals, fast paced editing and recognisable locations to stand out in a sea of content and keep the audience watching from start to finish.

Insta Stories

The concept was reinforced through a series of complimenting insta stories deployed through targeted paid advertisements, to utilise the swipe up feature and direct traffic to a landing page on their website.